Monday, November 11, 2013

Life is beautiful...

My life has been so blessed lately. I have received so many blessings that have helped to shorten the effects of the not so great things going on in my life.

To name a few...
-Family, that think of me, love me and pray for me often
-The comfort of friends and the way they can understand me or try to come to understand me and do great and even small things to make me feel better
-Teachers that understand the difficulty of curriculum and life and give mercy
-Warmth of clothing, housing and a warm bed
-Food, that offers comfort, enjoyment and nourishment
-Sleep and the TIME to sleep
-Anonymous friends that love me and are aware of my "rainy days" and try to lighten my load and cheer me up
-Time to myself to do other things other than just school
-My Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior, who know what I feel and make these blessings possible and offer comfort and peace
My Heavenly Father has really been blessing me and I've been noticing and that in itself has been a blessing.
So my challenge to you is to look. Look for the blessings in your life.
Thank God for those blessings and hold true to your covenants.
The Lord blesses you because He loves you. So love Him in return. He is just waiting to give you more.
I know life is hard, but I find that to be a blessing too because amongst that I am still able to see the sunshine.
I am able to notice what is given to me from my Father in Heaven who loves me very, very much.
He knows I'm struggling, so He sends me something that He knows that I'll recognize is from Him.
Life is beautiful because we are here to learn.
To learn the good from the bad. To learn from mistakes. To make good decisions. To create families. To love. To serve. To testify of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that He lives. We may not all know it yet, but believing that He is there and that He lives is a start and is amazing. Work to heighten your knowledge. Work hard to believe and to know the truthfulness of the gospel and work to see the personal blessings that He gives you. I promise they are there. You just need to look.
We are all sons and daughters of a King and we have great potential to succeed. Now allow yourself to succeed.
Believe in yourself. He wants you to win. Now go play the game and win. Win big.